the era of the photogenic Instagram brow

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You would be forgiven for thinking that eyebrows are simply the hair sprouting an inch above the eye socket – often with a slight arch and slanted tail. However, the eyebrow is no longer just a thing to be maintained. It’s the latest big beauty focus, a blank canvas for creativity and also what’s fueling a global billion-dollar industry of products and semi-permanent procedures.

We are living in a brow-obsessed culture, the era of the photogenic Instagram brow, the fox-eye trend and DIY looks that have teens sharing their daily eyebrow adventures on social media. And it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles is at the center of all things eyebrow, pumping out new approaches for achieving the perfect look even as long-standing methods such as threading, which originated in India, Iran and parts of Asia and involves rolling thread over hair to remove it at the follicular level, have maintained their loyal fan base.
Today, people are turning to new methods in tweezing and waxing and using a number of semi-permanent procedures. Brows can be strategically shaped or manipulated to create any look – thick or thin – that a person of any ethnicity wants.

Currently, the most common eyebrow trend entails a full, polished and bold look

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