Microblading the process of applying tint, semi permanent tattoos

Recently, it has become more common for our eyebrows to get an artificial boost that lasts for far longer than your average pencil. Microblading- the process of applying tiny, semipermanent tattoos to the brow area to mimic the look of hairs – has become so popular that finding a skilled, certified professional to perform the treatment in any given location isn’t very difficult.

But while the immediate effects of microblading (fuller-looking, perfectly shaped brows) are obvious, the long-term effects of the treatment aren’t talked about as often. But microblading is a semipermanent tattooing of the skin, so a full picture of what microblading entails before, during, and long after is important to have before you book your first appointment.

If you are happy with your microblading results, then you’ll probably want to make sure your brows look as full as possible for as long as possible.

And while many people believe they will use less brow makeup after microblading

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