What is microblading?

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Eyebrows play a critical role in attractiveness; they help shape the face, accentuate the eyes, in communication, and so on. For that reason, they should not be abandoned. Regular trimming, shaping, and filling should be done to make them aesthetically pleasing. While a flattering brow can enhance your appearance, the truth is it is not always easy to create the perfect brow.
It could be because you have a low volume of hair at the brow area, or making the perfect arch with your eye pencil is an art you are yet to master. The good news is that microblading services are there to help you fix your brows Microblading is an undetectable form of semi-permanent makeup that enhances your eyebrows in a natural look.

What is microblading?

“A tattoo, on your face?!” Not exactly. But if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, maybe start here!
Microblading is the art of adding hair like strokes to one’s eyebrow in order to create more defined brow. The ink used in microblading is different than the ink in traditional tattoos. Microblading (or any other cosmetic tattoo ink) is considered “non-permanent,” meaning the ink slowly fades over 1-3 years. Just as the face changes shape as people age, no tattoo artist would ever put permanent ink on someone. Microblading also differs from regular tattooing because it is all done by hand, without a machine, and the ink does not go as deep into the skin, which is another reason it fades faster than a normal tattoo.

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