3 Tips to Create Perfect Permanent Eyebrows

1- Design an eyebrow shape that is as close to your natural eyebrow as possible. Your chosen artist will use a series of measurements to accomplish this. If you do not have any eyebrow hair then they will measure according to your facial bone structure. The eyebrow shape will receive your final approval and your artist should spend as much time as needed to get it exactly right.

2- You never want an eyebrow design to appear too long, short, curved or flat since this can age you. To find the right shape your artist will pay close attention to the under the arch of your brow and how it flows through to the end of your eyebrow tail. Creating this flow smoothly from head to tail is what will give you your most youthful eyebrow.

3- Most importantly, the artist must place naturally blended color and strokes proportionately throughout your newly designed eyebrow shape. This means choosing the perfect color for your eyebrows, using the right amounts, and applying it into your skin at the right depth so it remains semi-permanently for 1-3 years.

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