Advantages and Disadvantages Of using the microblading

Advantages of using the microblading

No more brow pencils, inequalities, holes and dubious shapes. Your eyebrows will be drawn by a professional according to the shape of your face. Microblading takes about 3 years to completely fade and requires touch-up only once a year.

Disadvantages of the microblading

The procedure requires between 7 and 10 days to heal on the surface and although the effect is instantaneous, the final result will only be observed after 3 to 4 weeks. Of course, if you are afraid of needles or have very low pain tolerance, even with the use of an analgesic cream, this solution for flawless eyebrows is not for you.

Finding a salon near you

Since this method is semi-permanent, it is essential to shop well. To do this, Instagram and the Internet are your best friends. Look at several before and after photos, ask questions and make sure you trust your specialist completely before you sit in their chair, but above all, check that the place is clean and the methods, sanitary.

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