Microblading, a tattoo technique look like hairs

Eyebrow trends come and go, from thin and sharp to bold and bushy à la Cara Delevingne and basically every other model who’s been hot in the past few years.
But the new eyebrow trend we can’t get enough of is microblading, a tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs.

We know what you’re thinking: tattooed eyebrows? No way. But hear us out. Microblading leaves brows looking natural, not scary

Thank God, ultra-thin eyebrows are now just a painful memory.

Unfortunately, some who have experienced this sad time have retained some of the sequelae and tweezer compulsion is not a disease that only affects people 25 years of age and over.

Whether you suffer from a dependency to tweezers, whether the beauty trend of your high school years has marked your face with hairless holes or whether you simply don’t feel very well cared for on the eyebrow side, microblading can be the solution you are looking for.

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