Correcting Old Work microblading

While microblading has only been a service offered in the United States for less than ten years, permanent makeup has been popular for decades. Luckily, the technology and ingredients used in inks have improved, as have the techniques used to provide these tattoos. Often, when we think about permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, we have visions of the dreaded solid pink or blue eyebrows. While that is still common among clients of inexperienced artists, it’s luckily something that is easily avoidable if you and your artist have the accurate information you need before having your brows done.
Let’s start with why the brow ink ages to be a red tone. Ink used in permanent makeup typically have either carbon or iron based pigments. Iron based pigments have a very high chance of aging red, as yellow and black iron oxides are unstable and weak, leaving behind a red hue similar to rust.

Another common color we see brows fade to is a grey/blue. This can be caused by a number of factors, and is typically the artist’s inexperience or client’s inability to follow proper aftercare.

Typically corrections will need more than one session to reassess the healed color. While many artists still offer microblading in order to “correct” a brow, please do not be tricked into thinking microblading can be performed successfully based off how a before and immediate after looks. The result will be blurred/blotchy ashy hair strokes.

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