Why Do I Need a Touch Up After Microblading?

The skin after a microblading treatment takes some time to heal. During that period, your eyebrows will go through several phases. First, they will be too dark, then they will start scabbing, and finally they will lose some of the color and you might think your microblading was unsuccessful.

The color comes back at the end of the healing period, but sometimes it can be uneven and patchy, as some of the pigment could come off with the scabs. Everybody’s skin heals differently and some clients might notice gaps and irregularities after the brows are healed.

What Happens if You Don’t Touch Up Microblading?

If you don’t get the first touch up, your brows will stay the way they turned out once the skin has healed – uneven and patchy. If you don’t touch them up ever again, they will fade within 6-12 months.

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